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Equipment rented from Island Rents is to be used by the specific Customer listed above for the event date listed on the accompanying invoice.  Equipment cannot be sub-rented or lent to others.  It is the customer’s responsibility to understand all terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.  If there are questions about anything outlined in this agreement it is the customer’s responsibility to ask for clarification.
Customer agrees to use Island Rents’ equipment only at the designated address of delivery. Customer further agrees that they are familiar with the proper and safe use of the equipment and that they will only use it for the purpose for which it was manufactured and intended. Customer assumes all risks inherent in the operation and use of the equipment and agrees to indemnify and hold Island Rents harmless from any and all claims and liability for damage to property or bodily injury (including death) resulting from the use, condition, operation, or possession of the equipment. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Island Rents and its representatives, agents, officers and from any claims of guests or other third parties related in any way to this Rental Agreement. Customer agrees that no warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose have been made by Island Rents in connection with the equipment rented. In no event shall Island Rents be liable for any special, direct, indirect or consequential damages in connection with this Rental Agreement.
Rental rates are based on a single use on a per event basis for the duration listed on the rental invoice. Multiple uses are charged at daily rates. Weekly rates apply to rental orders of four consecutive days or more. If mutually agreeable, Island Rents may, at its option, deliver rentals earlier than needed to alleviate scheduling conflicts and/or to help facilitate a smooth event setup; however the only way to guarantee an item’s availability for early delivery is with a multi-day rental. Prices are subject to change without notice. All rental charges are subject to Hawaii General Excise Tax.
To place an order with Island Rents Customer is required to provide a valid Visa or MasterCard. The credit card is for security and damage purposes in the event that equipment is damaged or lost by Customer or in the event Customer fails to pay Island Rents for rented items. All credit card information must be included and signature filled out at the bottom of this Rental Agreement. Full payment is due ten (10) days prior to delivery, unless prior arrangements have been made with Island Rents. Island Rents accepts Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, and cash. If payment has not been received 24 hours prior to delivery Customer’s credit card will be automatically charged for the outstanding balance due. There will be a $30 charge for all returned checks. A $25 charge will be added to the invoice each time the order is changed by the Customer within 24 hours of scheduled delivery. For unpaid balances past 30 days, the customer agrees to pay a late charge of 1% per month on the outstanding balance. Without a financial deposit and a complete Rental Agreement on file with Island Rents the reservation for rental equipment may be terminated without notice at the discretion of Island Rents. Customer agrees to pay attorney’s fees, collection fees, court costs and any other expenses incurred in collecting any charges under this Rental Agreement, in retaking the equipment or otherwise enforcing the terms of this Rental Agreement.
All general equipment rental orders require a 25% refundable deposit at the time of booking to reserve the equipment. Tent rental orders require a 25% nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking. Thirty (30) days prior to the event 50% of the entire bill on all orders (excluding special orders) is nonrefundable. The Customer may cancel rental orders as late as 5:00 PM the day before the event and will not have to pay the remaining 50%. After 5:00 PM the day before the event Customer is responsible to pay 100% of the rental order fees. No refunds will be made for cancellations made on the day of the event and any outstanding balances are still due and payable. Special order items require a 100% nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking.
Prices for delivery are quoted on a “round trip” basis and include the pick up. Island Rents strives to accommodate delivery requests; however, delays and changes in the schedule are sometimes unavoidable. Island Rents makes every effort to communicate scheduling changes as they occur. All items will be delivered and picked up at a designated location (within 60 feet of delivery vehicle access) between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. After hours deliveries and pickups incur additional charges. Extra delivery charges may be assessed for the following; destinations that are far from Island Rents’ vehicle access, locations that are upstairs, deliveries that are labor intensive beyond the norm, delays caused because the site has not been prepped for delivery (lawns mowed, furniture moved, IR vehicle access unavailable), delays that affect Island Rents’ schedule that are caused by the customer, and for additional deliveries required caused by customer’s neglect to order a specific item. For liability purposes, Island Rents does not deliver items indoors. Tables and chairs will be delivered stacked and must be re-stacked for Island Rents pickup. Customer must be available to verify counts of all rental items being delivered at the scheduled time of delivery and pickup. If Customer is not present at the scheduled time of delivery and pickup Island Rents’ counts of rented items will be considered accurate. Customer is responsible to verify the accuracy of the invoice including items ordered, quantity ordered, color of linen, delivery and pick up times and locations, etc. prior to delivery. In the event that Island Rents is unable to deliver rented equipment or provide its services due to circumstances beyond its control which include but are not limited to; road closures, fires, boycotts, strikes, civil insurrections and acts of god, Island Rents will not be held liable for breech of this rental agreement.

Will Call: Will Call must be prearranged and is between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM, Monday – Friday. Failure to adhere to the Will Call scheduled may result in rental items not being available, cancellation charges, or additional rental fees if items are returned late. Customer is responsible for the safe keeping of rental items until items have been returned to an Island Rents’ employee. Customers renting items through Island Rents’ Will Call service are responsible for the loading, unloading and transport of rental items. Customers are responsible for damages to the rental items and/or damages to Customer’s vehicle that occur during transport, loading and unloading of rental items. Island Rents’ staff may, at Island Rents’ option, choose to help a customer load their vehicle, with Customer’s permission. Neither Island Rents nor its employees shall be held liable for damage to Customer’s vehicle or for bodily injury that occurs while loading or unloading Customer’s vehicle.

Set-Up & Breakdown: The service of setting up and breaking down of standard equipment such as tables and chairs is not included in the rental or delivery fees but is available for additional charges and must be arranged for in advance.

All catering items including chafing dishes, china, flatware, utensils, etc. must be rinsed, dry, food free and re-packed in the same containers as delivered. Any catering item that is returned dirty (not rinsed) will incur additional cleaning fees. Glassware should be dumped and placed upright in their respective boxes. Linen should be food and garbage free, shaken out and placed in containers provided. DO NOT put linen in plastic bags. Customers that return linen with burns, wax, holes, tears, permanent stains, mildew, or damage that otherwise renders it unusable will be billed for the damaged linen at its replacement cost. Cardboard boxes must be kept dry and should not be stored on the ground. A charge will be assessed for all boxes, crates and packaging materials that are damaged or not returned. Customer shall keep Island Rents equipment away from sprinklers or ensure sprinklers have been turned off.
These items are erected or installed and removed by Island Rents staff. Set up for such items is included in the rental price. Customer agrees to clearly mark or layout the exact location where items are to be installed or to have a representative present at the time of installation to approve the location of installation. Once items have been installed by Island Rents additional charges will be assessed if Customer requires that the items be moved and reinstalled. Customer agrees not to move, break down or alter the installed items for the duration of this Rental Agreement. Removal of installed equipment is to be conducted by Island Rents staff only. Unless otherwise agreed to in advance, Island Rents requires that all tents, arches and canopies be staked to the ground. Customer agrees to inform Island Rents, in writing, at least 7 days prior to the event, of the existence and location of any underground utilities (i.e. phone lines, cable lines, sprinkler systems, water lines, gas lines, electric lines, septic system, etc.), and of conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor equipment. If Customer fails to notify Island Rents of the correct location of underground utilities. Customer assumes responsibility for all damages that may occur to underground utilities. Customer understands that they are ultimately responsible for all damages to rented equipment including damage caused by third parties or other vendors. All floral arrangements, trash, decorations or other rental equipment not installed or delivered by Island Rents should be removed from inside of the tents, off of the tables and arches prior to the scheduled pickup time. There will be additional labor charges if Island Rents staff has to remove such items. Extra cleaning fees may be assessed for carelessness or disregard for maintaining the cleanliness of the tent, tent walls and dance floor resulting in staining beyond normal wear and tear. For example, food and drinks, grass from fresh mowing, certain types of decorations may require additional cleaning service. Permanent stains will result in the item(s) being deemed not rent-able and full replacement costs will apply.

Tents: Customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits for the erecting of tents. Should the customer fail to obtain the necessary permits and documentation for tent installation Island Rents may be required to stop installation or remove the tent prior to the end of this Rental Agreement, in such cases full rental rates still apply. Customer also agrees to pay for any extra labor, after hour fees, fines or other charges associated with failing to obtain proper permits. The premises upon which tents are to be erected or dismantled is to be clear of all structures or other impediments before the scheduled delivery and pickup times. The surface is to be clean and suitable for spreading tent fabric. All decor, lighting, etc. not installed by Island Rents must be removed prior to Island Rents arrival for tent breakdown. From the time of tent installation until pickup, Customer agrees to maintain the tent in good condition, keeping poles in place, all ropes tight and tied, and keeping the walls on the tent or neatly folded off the ground. Island Rents shall not be held liable and shall be held harmless for injuries or damages caused to persons or things falling over or coming into contact with ropes, stakes, or other tent supports. Signs, banners and/or decorations shall not be affixed to the tent fabric, poles or tent walls. Decorations may be hung from the ‘D” rings or wall rope on the inside of valance of the tent, or from ropes strung between the tents poles. Island Rents cannot guarantee the tent to be absolutely 100% waterproof. Cooking or grilling under the tent is strictly prohibited. It is recommended that tiki torches, patio heaters, sparklers, fireworks and other sources of fire or extreme heat are at least 20′ away from tent. On any given day in which Island Rents has agreed to erect a tent and there are winds or gusts in excess of 30MPH or conditions that Island Rents considers to be unsafe, Island Rents may choose to cancel installation of the tent. Island rents may also cancel tent walls during heavy winds to prevent unsafe conditions and equipment damage. In the event that Island Rents cancels installation under these conditions, Island Rents cannot be held liable for breech of this Rental Agreement. In the event that Island Rents tent(s) is blown down or damaged in any manner due to storm, high winds or other disturbances of nature, rental fees are still due and payable.

Dance Floor: Dance floor is to be used for dancing only. No furniture is to be placed on the floor and the floor is not to be used for staging equipment. Stacking items on the floor can cause dents and scrapes and will result in damage fees. Customer understands that the floor can be discolored or damaged by excessive sunlight and/or moisture. If the floor is installed outdoors Customer agrees to keep the floor covered with the provided tarp(s) while not in use, unless well protected by a suitable tent. Customer agrees to keep the floor dry at all times and wipe up spills immediately. Should the floor become wet due to inclement weather Customer agrees to dry and cover floor to the best of their ability until the time of pickup and to also inform Island Rents of weather conditions. Customer agrees not to use the floor when it is wet. The use of a sub-floor is required for all installation sites that are not level and firm in nature.

Lighting: Electricity costs associated with installed lighting are the responsibility of the customer. At the time of installation, if there is not an adequate supply of electricity or unsafe wiring at the premises which prohibits Island Rents from installing lighting rental fees still apply. All lighting is tested for proper working order at time of installation. Island Rents cannot be held responsible for damages or lack of use due to weather or changes made to Island Rents installation by another vendor or guest after Island Rents’ installation is completed. WARNING: Lighting can be very hot and may cause severe burns. Extreme care should be taken especially in the presence of children.

Responsibility for safe keeping of equipment is Customer’s from the time of delivery to time of pickup, it is Customer’s responsibility to return rented equipment in the same condition as they received it. Equipment should be stored in a secure location to avoid theft and should be protected from weather. If equipment is lost, stolen or damaged while rented, regardless of fault, Customer shall be responsible for all charges incurred by Island Rents in replacing or repairing the equipment including any labor costs. It is the Customers responsibility to inform Island Rents immediately if there is an issue with the equipment such as, an item is not working properly or the rental order is not complete, and give Island Rents the opportunity to correct the order or make repairs. If Customer does not inform Island Rents of shortages or damaged equipment prior to the start of the event the loss and/or damage will be considered the responsibility of the Customer. Island Rents will charge customer for missing, broken, burned or damaged items including the packing materials used for transport and for missing linen clips provided with linen orders. All cleaning and/or replacement charges are in addition to rental fees. Items not returned at the end of the rental period are considered missing. Replacement and repair costs will be charged to the Customer’s credit card. Should Customer find and return any missing items within 7 days after the event, Island Rents will refund the associated replacement costs charged to Customer. Labor required for items needing repairs or extra cleaning is billed at $30/man hour. Island Rents makes every effort to notice permanent damages to linen immediately after use. However, some damages (such as staining) can only be assessed after cleaning. This may result in a delayed notification to Customer of the existence of damages. If linen is extraordinarily soiled, extra cleaning charges will apply. Customer will be billed for the replacement cost of linen that is returned with burns, wax, holes, tears, permanent stains, mildew, or that is otherwise unusable. Damaged items purchased at full replacement costs are Customer’s property to keep and will be available for pickup for up to 30 days after notification.
Responsibility of the equipment remains with the customer from the time of delivery to the time of pickup. All equipment should be secured when not in use and protected from weather and theft. Island Rents shall not be held liable for any injury or damage, including consequential damage, resulting from the failure or defect of any rental equipment. Island Rents shall be released hereunder for conditions brought about by acts of god, strikes, boycotts, civil insurrections or other conditions beyond its control and rental fees are still due and payable.
Download Policies As A Printable PDF